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Supplier Diversity Program tips

5 Steps to creating Supplier Diversity Programs. Supplier diversity programs offer quite a few benefits to companies beginning with better innovation capacity and reaching all the way to cost efficiency. Major league corporate players are already investing into their internal supplier diversity programs. However, becoming a part of the promising supplier diversity wave is much easier said than done....

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tatement Audits – Uncover Lost Money within the Vendor Master File

Statement Audits – The Untapped Potential for Your Business. Statement auditing isn’t a new concept. It has been a part of the audit industry for quite some time. However, its traditional and manual processing nature limited wider use and true potential. Thanks to the unparalleled development of technology and fully automatized processes over the last decade, we’ve been given a unique chance of rediscovering and...

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Supplier Diversity Programs Tips

Supplier diversity programs are fast becoming a necessity in Enterprise businesses. It almost comes without saying that if you want to ensure competitiveness and a high-level of adaptability to the changing circumstances within all demanding markets, each and any business entity regardless of its shape or size is required to invest in new ways to improve their supplier diversity capabilities and capacities....

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Know Your Vendor Overview and Best Practices

Know Your Vendor overview and best practices Modern businesses face quite a few risks associated with an overwhelming number of financial transactions, where every single one of them presents a potential risk. So, what’s the best way to identify suspicious transactions on time, when you have to deal with the large number on a daily basis?...

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Cloud Based Vendor Portals

Cloud-Based Vendor Portals pricing models explored. With the development of the modern IT industry, people have a plethora of options when they search for software solutions for their businesses. Unlike a few years ago, you do not need to stick to licensed software; but can think of Software as a Service (AKA SaaS) in the industry....

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