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Suppliers in China - Break Through The 5 Main Barriers

Western companies have five main barriers to engagement when it comes to suppliers in China. When being examined through Western-business-eyes, China certainly looks an endless sea of business opportunities, quite affordable labor and billions of potential customers. However, there is a significant set of challenges in working with suppliers in China. Barriers that can easily shatter these lovely, but a little bit too optimistic initial...

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Scrubbing Your Supplier Database

Your Supplier Database contains the data that is the foundation of most of your day-to-day purchasing decisions. Regular scrubbing is not only a best practice for you and your team, but it is a necessary process if you hope to optimize your core enterprise functions.   There’s plenty of room for improvements in this field. Without any exaggeration, we can freely claim that almost each and any...

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Vendor Portals Can Reduce Risk In Your Supply Chain

Using a vendor Portal to de-risk your supply chain. A supply chain is a living business organism, which inevitably has to go through periods of intense disruptions or high risks, every now and then. According to the findings of the Zurich Global Insurance Group in 2011, more than 85% of companies, which took part in the survey, experienced the consequences associated with the supply chain...

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Data Privacy for Vendor Portals

Data Privacy is one of the leading concerns that customers express when setting up a Vendor Portal. Vendor Portals transfer sensitive data from buyers to suppliers and back again. Ultimately, each customer must make some degree of internal risk-reward calculation to determine if the time-money saving benefits of a Vendor Portal will outweigh the data privacy and security concerns that a SaaS tool introduces. Vendor Portals transfer...

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