Supply Chain Finance

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Reverse Factoring Supply Chain Financing

Reverse Factoring is a form of receivable financing in trade finance whereby a buyer arranges for the financing of invoices raised on him by a supplier. Reverse Factoring is very similar to traditional factoring with the noticeable difference of the buyer being the arranger of the facility rather than the supplier as in traditional factoring. This feature does have some impact on risk, pricing, adaptability...

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Purchase Order Financing Explored

Purchase Order financing is gaining popularity as an innovative tool that allows companies to get cash advances from financiers against certain Purchase Orders. This allows the company which might be short on cash to borrow the funds required to purchase supplies required to manufacture goods rather than use their cash. Purchase Order financing differs from factoring or invoice financing in the sense that it provides...

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What is Supply Chain Finance and how does it work?

Supply Chain Finance was created to provide a reliable, quick and tailored financing solution that may be applied across a company's entire supply chain. How Supply Chain Finance differs from other traditional forms of financing is that it is usually in the shape of a consistent template that once structured, may be applied to all channel partners in an expedited fashion....

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