Supplier Self Service Portals Can Blow Your Suppliers Mind

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Supplier Self Service Portals Can Blow Your Suppliers Mind

Supplier Self Service Portals Can Blow Your Suppliers Mind

Supplier Self Service Portals – 5 Reasons Your Business Should Embrace the Future

Supplier Self Service Portals are quickly becoming a necessary component of the business. Nowadays, corporations are under tremendous pressure to increase the amount of supplier and customer service support they deliver without increasing the size of their teams. Though this sounds like a true mission-impossible scenario, there are some new tools that can help.  These tools are called Vendor Portals and properly deployed can be configured to enable varying levels of Supplier Self Service functionalities. In a nutshell, true Supplier Self Service is about ensuring Suppliers with flawless access to easy-to-process information when and where they need it the most. Over the last couple of years, Supplier Self-Service has become simply must have for any Supplier-related business activity. And here’s a handful of reasons why:


1 Supplier Self Service Saves Money

Any successful Supplier Self Service story begins with a supplier portal or knowledgebase. With a portal, your Supplier doesn’t need to try and contact you directly each and every time they need a piece of information. Very often it is unclear to the supplier who or which department they need to contact for answers. As a result, the overwhelming majority of inquiries end up unanswered and the supplier, frustrated. All of these troubles can be easily avoided and thousands of support hours saved with a simple and efficient supplier-friendly portal.


2 Supplier Self Service is Consistent

Most companies feel trapped in the jungle of the touch-points they have to maintain with their Suppliers. When you consider that each of these touch-points generating multiple questions, it’s easy to imagine how quickly the inconsistency can grow. A Supplier Self Service Portal provides you with an opportunity to make sure all of your policies and processes are introduced timely and evenly through the whole supply base. In other words, you’ll ensure the much-needed consistency across your supply chains, regardless of the specific category or a team. Additionally, you can deploy a customized knowledge base or the FAQ section to provide answers to the most frequent issues.


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3 Supplier Self Service is Scalable

Delivering necessary support and training for your Suppliers, who may vary in sizes and competencies can be a logistic nightmare. You have to make sure that your Suppliers have understood all regulations and update their product information accordingly. Luckily for you, Supplier Self Service efficiently resolves these challenging scenarios by delivering tailored learning solutions, such as read/watch this and then do that approach often accompanied by eLearning materials. This Supplier Self Service Vendor Portal is a flexible, scalable, and most importantly affordable for your enterprise.


4 Supplier Self Service has Reporting and Analytics

Very often, the same questions are being submitted over and over again. A bitter reality of Supplier’s business life. If you have a vendor portal with integrated analytics, you can constantly evaluate your support processes and make the necessary adjustments to maximize the satisfaction of your suppliers. If you don’t have a clear overview, and you miss to identify a knowledge gap in some of your supply bases, then you’re undoubtedly facing serious supplier satisfaction risks. With the help of Supplier Self Service vendor portal, you can ensure visibility into what Suppliers are searching for. You can’t expect to identify all potentially problematic knowledge gaps, but the Supplier Self-Service empowers you to have a fair chance of solving them before they become a huge problem.


5 Supplier Self Service increases Supplier Satisfaction

Finally, Supplier Self-Help makes your Supplier-Retailer business relationship to be much easier and efficient. Accurate information and on-demand 24/7 support are the key factors for an easier working relationship and Suppliers’ choices when they decide which customer they want to partner with in the future. Deep integrations and communications with suppliers will give your business a much-desired edge.




Joe Flynn is a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur who created Lavante, Inc. Lavante was started with the vision using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and advanced Data Extraction techniques to transform the traditionally manual-based Account Payable Recovery industry. Lavante Was acquired by PRGX Inc. in November 2017. Joe is currently working on a new venture using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to transform trade partner communications across the entire supply chain.