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eProcurement Integration Challenges

5 Benefits of Supplier Networks[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] EProcurement Integration Challenges are everywhere  Despite challenges, eProcurement systems are gaining traction eProcurement is a relatively new concept where an organization utilizes an automation tool to manage their corporate purchasing processes.  Deployed correctly and eProcurement systems can deliver many benefits, including:     Budget Process Streamlining Real-time Process Visibility Reduction of Maverick Spending More efficient practices resulting in better pricing End to end controls and...

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Benefits of a data-driven culture

Benefits of a data-driven culture As the world becomes exponentially more digital, on any given day, businesses face an ever-increasing ongoing stream of data and information. This data, while hard to funnel, has the potential to form the lifeblood of the company. Many have hailed data as being the “new oil” for the technology age. There is no question that data has become a highly valuable...

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drone in a warehouse

Warehousing & Drones Technology: Then, Now, and the Future It is almost a decade since academic research, large companies, and tech startups showed early experimentation on the several applications of drones. For the supply chain industry, the multiple applications and use-cases have found relevance in areas like counting inventory, locating container trucks or warehouses, last-mile delivery for packages, and much more.   Drones Technology in Warehousing earned more...

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Setting the Initial KPIs for your digital marketing campaign

Setting the Initial KPIs for your digital marketing campaign. At the beginning of your digital marketing campaigns, it is important to set up common Key -Performance Indicators, KPIs. KPIs enable the monitoring and scoring of your ongoing campaigns and digital marketing efforts. Don’t be worried if you are not exactly sure what indicators to monitor and measure at first....

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Marketing Department Organization Elements

Marketing Department Organization Structure All companies have their own way of structuring the marketing department and the approach can differ from company to company. Small companies may have one or two marketing employees, whereas bigger organizations may have tens of marketing employees or staff. Generally, simply the act of putting an organizational structure in place with clear roles and responsibilities will help your team understand how...

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Inaccurate Vendor Data Can Make Critical Coroporate Initiatives Seem Foggy

Inaccurate Vendor Data Can Make Critical Corporate Initiatives Seem Foggy.   From procure-to-pay, supplier diversity and tax compliance to strategic sourcing and social responsibility, vendor data touches multiple processes and can have a dramatic impact on priorities throughout an organization. Without current, accurate vendor data, a long list of corporate initiatives can be rendered unmanageable or even impossible to execute....

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