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SaaS Software Load Testing

SaaS Software Load Testing is one of the most critical steps of the cycle of development. If such action is not performed, all the efforts of the developer can go in vain. Before releasing a software product for public use, it is exceptionally important for the developer to do load testing and identify the issues. Sometimes, your application may perform perfectly when a single user connected...

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Incorporation Options

Incorporation Options. No matter if you have already purchased a business or planning to start a brand new company, it is important for you to decide on the type of the business structure you would like to set up before you move forward with operations. There are several business types (or entities) to select from depending on the type and the scale of your company....

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Reasons to Incorporate a Business

Reasons to incorporate a business. A considerable number of entrepreneurs – even some of the savviest – barely understand the basics of setting up a corporation. Despite the lack of knowledge, incorporating a business is essential for a business to assure its stability in the long run. This article is written mentioning the options an entrepreneur can consider in incorporating a business....

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SaaS Safety – 5 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Protect Your Data on the Cloud

SaaS Safety for Vendor Portals is a very daunting but important task. These days, storing data on ‘cloud’ (meaning an option of keeping digital files on virtual storage platforms) has become more and more preferable for most people. As compared to using typical storage devices such as ‘flash drives’, USBs, CDs, and other devices for such purpose, it is relatively more convenient to utilize. Also,...

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Reverse Factoring Supply Chain Financing

Reverse Factoring is a form of receivable financing in trade finance whereby a buyer arranges for the financing of invoices raised on him by a supplier. Reverse Factoring is very similar to traditional factoring with the noticeable difference of the buyer being the arranger of the facility rather than the supplier as in traditional factoring. This feature does have some impact on risk, pricing, adaptability...

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fire up your employees

Fire-Up your employees every chance you get.The success of any business establishment is directly proportional to how fired-up and motivated the employees are. That is logical to comprehend. Although customers and clients are often regarded as the soul of the business, employees are the very lifeblood of it, ensuring its optimal performance and excellent service deliveries.Low morale can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity, and...

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