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Compensation is referred to the act of providing a person with money or other things of economic value in exchange his services, or to provide for the costs of injuries that they have incurred. Employee compensation can be referred to all forms of pay going to employees and arising from their employment. Compensation includes:...

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Build a startup sales team

Building a Startup Sales team is no easy task. Having spent the last 15 years in, and advising, startup companies, I have needed to build a sales team from scratch a couple of times. While numerous individuals would like to dodge the challenge required to building a fresh team, it has been a privilege for me because it offers an incredible chance to build up...

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fire up your employees

Fire-Up your employees every chance you get.The success of any business establishment is directly proportional to how fired-up and motivated the employees are. That is logical to comprehend. Although customers and clients are often regarded as the soul of the business, employees are the very lifeblood of it, ensuring its optimal performance and excellent service deliveries.Low morale can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity, and...

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