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Six Reasons Why You Need AP Help Desk Solution

Six Reasons Why You Need AP Help Desk SolutionThe Performance of your Accounts Payable department has a profound and direct impact on the status of your company’s profitability and finances. To maximize efficiency in Accounts Payable, you need to have seamless communication with all of your suppliers and internal stakeholders. Depending on the size of your enterprise there may be a tens-of-thousands of transactions requiring payments...

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Supplier Diversity Program tips

5 Steps to creating Supplier Diversity Programs. Supplier diversity programs offer quite a few benefits to companies beginning with better innovation capacity and reaching all the way to cost efficiency. Major league corporate players are already investing into their internal supplier diversity programs. However, becoming a part of the promising supplier diversity wave is much easier said than done....

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Supplier Diversity Programs Tips

Supplier diversity programs are fast becoming a necessity in Enterprise businesses. It almost comes without saying that if you want to ensure competitiveness and a high-level of adaptability to the changing circumstances within all demanding markets, each and any business entity regardless of its shape or size is required to invest in new ways to improve their supplier diversity capabilities and capacities....

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Ten Tips for Encouraging Supplier Innovation

Ten Tips for Encouraging Supplier Innovations - Nowadays, more and more organizations are reaching to their suppliers to encourage the innovation process in order to improve their own business models, services, and products that they offer the end customers. Here are some invaluable tips to help you maximize the supplier innovation potential for your business. It has become pretty much obvious that innovation is the...

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Basic Tips for Supply Chain Optimization

Basic Tips for Supply Chain Optimization. Keeping a track of your orders from the moment you initially contacted the suppliers through the point of delivery can be quite a challenge for any organization. It comes without saying that creating purchase orders and sharing them with the suppliers from one centralized place directly and efficiency is essential for managing a successful Procure-to-pay operation....

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Vendor Master Management 7 Tips

Vendor Master Management strategies are what makes it possible for you to create a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with your service providers and suppliers. That’s why it’s completely wrong and unjust to say that vendor management is nothing more than a couple of negotiations aiming to win the lowest price possible for your business. Vendor master management offers so much more if you press...

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