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eProcurement Integration Challenges

5 Benefits of Supplier Networks[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] EProcurement Integration Challenges are everywhere  Despite challenges, eProcurement systems are gaining traction eProcurement is a relatively new concept where an organization utilizes an automation tool to manage their corporate purchasing processes.  Deployed correctly and eProcurement systems can deliver many benefits, including:     Budget Process Streamlining Real-time Process Visibility Reduction of Maverick Spending More efficient practices resulting in better pricing End to end controls and...

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Inaccurate Vendor Data Can Make Critical Coroporate Initiatives Seem Foggy

Inaccurate Vendor Data Can Make Critical Corporate Initiatives Seem Foggy.   From procure-to-pay, supplier diversity and tax compliance to strategic sourcing and social responsibility, vendor data touches multiple processes and can have a dramatic impact on priorities throughout an organization. Without current, accurate vendor data, a long list of corporate initiatives can be rendered unmanageable or even impossible to execute....

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Six Reasons Why You Need AP Help Desk Solution

Six Reasons Why You Need AP Help Desk Solution The Performance of your Accounts Payable department has a profound and direct impact on the status of your company’s profitability and finances. To maximize efficiency in Accounts Payable, you need to have seamless communication with all of your suppliers and internal stakeholders.   Depending on the size of your enterprise there may be a tens-of-thousands of transactions requiring payments...

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Why You Need to Cleanse Your Supplier Database

Your Supplier Database contains the data that is the foundation of most of your day-to-day purchasing decisions. Regular scrubbing is not only a best practice, but it is a necessary process if you hope to optimize your core enterprise functions. There’s plenty of room for improvements in this field. Without any exaggeration, we can freely claim that almost each and any supplier database comes with...

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SaaS Based Supplier Portal Software Requirements – The Bakers Dozen

SaaS based Supplier Portal Software Requirements. Almost all the modern businesses around the world pay significant attention to SaaS based supplier portal software solutions. In fact, when used correctly,  supplier portal software is capable of delivering enormous productivity. However, if a particular business or an organization intends to utilize such a system, it is compulsory for them to have a good awareness of IT....

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