eProcurement Integration Challenges

5 Benefits of Supplier Networks[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] EProcurement Integration Challenges are everywhere  Despite challenges, eProcurement systems are gaining traction eProcurement is a relatively new concept where an organization utilizes an automation tool to manage their corporate purchasing processes.  Deployed correctly and eProcurement systems can deliver many benefits, including:     Budget Process Streamlining Real-time Process Visibility Reduction of Maverick Spending More efficient practices resulting in better pricing End to end controls and...

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10 Simple Concepts That Everyone Can Use to Reduce Supply Chain Risk

Supplier evaluation checklist strategies vary from company to company. In most cases, they can be a proactive way to expand your organization’s ability to reduce supply chain risk as well as attract and maintain the right suppliers. Establishing a company-wide methodology to help evaluate suppliers is easier than you think and will contribute to making sure that you avoid mistakes....

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Top 10 Benefits to a Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal Benefits take many forms. Many people do not realize just how integrated a configurable a vendor portal will end up until they bring their team together and start to collect requirements. Also known as a Supplier Portal, they are web-based and genuine vendor management solutions that provide multiple benefits with an excellent opportunity to work and communicate with your vendors in a safe, secure,...

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