SaaS Integration Tips

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SaaS Integration Tips

SaaS Integration Tips

SaaS Integration Tips There is hundreds of cloud-based apps in the market which are made to make your life easier. Despite the user-friendliness of these apps, it becomes quite challenging to integrate these apps into a systematic process with optimal results.

However, thanks to modern developments within the IT industry, there now are various tools that can help integrate cloud-based apps. To make your life easier, we have provided you with some valuable SaaS Integration Tips


Modern Integration Tools

When engaging in conventional integration techniques where consultants or IT departments are involved, it usually takes a very long time to complete most tasks. Most probably, by the time such lengthy processes are completed, requirements for additional change arise and cause additional delays.

Depending on what SaaS applications you are trying to integrate you may be able to find some dedicated tools that can be used to facilitate the integration. Tools like, IFTTT or Zappier now allow you to connect hundreds of applications in just a few minutes.



User-friendliness is something you should look for when you are in search for a better integration tool. In simple terms, you need to look for a platform that facilitates data manipulation without engaging in complex process design and implementation.


Cost Effectiveness

You don’t always get more just because you pay more! Sometimes, when it comes to integration, a simple, easy going software application may be more affordable than a fancy looking, bulky, slow running platform. There are some perfect apps to download for very reasonable rates if you do research. Consider this as one of the best SaaS integration tips that can help you save some money at the beginning of the process.


Multiple Integration

Never go for a tool that connects just one app to another. It is simply a waste of money. It is important to take a broad look across all of the tools that you currently are using.  In addition to that, see if it is compatible with other cloud-based apps you are going to use in the future. Take the time to map out your needs and talk to the vendor before purchasing.


Measurable performance

You need to inspect the performance of the integration configuration that you deploy. If your integration tool’s performances aren’t measurable, be sure to check if that facilitates features like inviting new members, adding new apps swiftly and customize the settings whenever you need. These are the best measurable features of current SaaS applications.



The tool you select MUST facilitate features like high security, easy scalability, reliability, and support. Your intention should be to assure a smoother operation for your business, and the tool you have selected must assist you to accomplish that.



Your SaaS integration platform shouldn’t require a designated person to handle the conditional changes. It should facilitate you to do that without any trouble. Your platform should be a very flexible one allowing you all the adjustments on your terms.

If you can only adhere to these SaaS integration tips you may end up with an ideal match for your purpose. Don’t use the tool you are currently using just because you are familiar with it. Check if that meets the industry standards for the betterment of your own business.




Joe Flynn is a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur who created Lavante, Inc. Lavante was started with the vision using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and advanced Data Extraction techniques to transform the traditionally manual-based Account Payable Recovery industry. Lavante Was acquired by PRGX Inc. in November 2017. Joe is currently working on a new venture using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to transform trade partner communications across the entire supply chain.