SaaS Software Load Testing

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SaaS Software Load Testing

SaaS Software Load Testing

SaaS Software Load Testing is one of the most critical steps of the cycle of development. If such action is not performed, all the efforts of the developer can go in vain. Before releasing a software product for public use, it is exceptionally important for the developer to do load testing and identify the issues. Sometimes, your application may perform perfectly when a single user connected to it; but when a group of users joins, the application may crash. Such issues can be identified with load testing only.

Usually, a vendor portal software load testing is performed after baseline testing. The primary intention of this test is to measure the performances of a larger number of users. Following is a set of tips to determine when planning a SaaS software load testing.


Consider the user count

It is compulsory to have an assumption of the likely number of users when you simulate the portal software. Determining this value allows you to check the actual performance of the software in the real world. What you should determine during this vendor portal software load testing is that if it lags with a small number of users, it will obviously crash when meeting a large number of users. So, it is better to run the load test with a lower number of users first and debug the issues. As it shows the steady performances, you may increase the number.


Make Load Testing a team effort

When you plan to implement a vendor portal software load testing, it is exceptionally important to get the support of all three principal departments (testing, development, and operations).  Utilizing the inputs of all these teams will be great assistance to accomplish the task successfully. Testers should be assisted by developers by providing the changed needed for the codes while the operations department will help with the analytics from the production environment. A perfect blend of all these departments will deliver optimal results at the end of the day.


Study the test cases

You need to rely on analytics if you expect proper load testing. It gives you the best idea about customer behaviors with your software. You can study the number of users gather around and how many times they cross through the application. In addition to that, it will help you to understand the locations of the customers and the devices are used to browse the internet. Depending on these statistics, you can schedule a comprehensive vendor portal software load testing that gives you precise output.


Make realistic assumptions

Never depend on unrealistic conditions and start load testing. Work on the real user count but do not try to scale it down and load test. You will never get exact results if you base on faulty statistics. Although not test is 100% perfect, by being realistic as much as possible, you can minimize the risks of getting false test results.


Never be in a hurry

Application development has a life cycle. There are many steps from the initial idea development to the final go-live delivery. Though not the last step in the process, Vendor portal software load testing can occur closer to the end. Therefore, observe all the information you got through testing fluently. Do not miss even a single point of analytics. Always remember that you are working on the final stage of the process and make it a perfect one.


The importance of SaaS Software Load Testing

It is often said that the most important step is the one you miss. In this particular case, you do not want to miss the step of load testing. If your product doesn’t function well at scale, all of the hard work building your application will be for nothing.


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