Six Surefire Ways to Fire-up Your Employees

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fire up your employees

Six Surefire Ways to Fire-up Your Employees

Fire-Up your employees every chance you get.

The success of any business establishment is directly proportional to how fired-up and motivated the employees are. That is logical to comprehend. Although customers and clients are often regarded as the soul of the business, employees are the very lifeblood of it, ensuring its optimal performance and excellent service deliveries.

Low morale can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity, and increased turnover, hindering the business from achieving its goals. If a high performing employee, probably your best one, resigns, how much will it cost you, directly and indirectly, to find and train another to the required productivity level of the former? Even if you get another of an equal paper qualification, you know that that is not the only criteria involved. It’s more than paper, the character, work spirit and values are valuable and eminent.

Superbly experienced leaders know that employee morale can quickly stunt or smash a company success into smithereens of past testimonies, so they often keep that close their chest and consistently work on avenues to fire them up and secure the business’s future alongside. Doing these few tactics can lead your employees and the business to reach their full potential, making you a better leader in the process: Remember, as the leader you need to Fire-Up your employees every chance you get


1.     The Art of Communication

Honestly speaking, nothing else can be as fundamental as having good communication with your employees. It breeds up an assortment of loyal, productive and engaged team members unified for a sole, shared purpose. It is not about the eloquence, the slick, or the grammar; it’s majorly hanging on simplicity, clarity, and directness. Make sure that they know exactly what is expected of them, and avoid generalizing or being vague.


2.     The Idea of Training

Nothing inspires and instills self-confidence and loyalty in employees like a training program that not only improved them professionally for the job but also slips over to enhance their personal lives in a way (e.g. a company seminar on life/work balance.) Employee training pays operational and motivational dividends, fostering knowledge, self-confidence, leadership, and loyalty. Take enough time to train them by creating a replicable training process. Often, it seems as time-consuming at the beginning, eventually, it pays off, and the company gets to benefit maximally. If you want to Remember, as the leader you need to Fire-Up your employees take the time to do the training with them. Show them, with your actions; that training is essential to you as well.


3.     The Style of Leadership

Whatever your leadership style and orientations are, it finds a lucid expression in your day to day actions and your employees will readily pick that. Are you the type that howls over people and become livid over mistakes committed no matter how straightforward and inconsequential? Are you a driver or a leader? Are you the one that treats your employee as lifeless objects, a cyborg that needs no rest, and consume them as a means to your end? Leaders that value and celebrate their employee and that remember to show their appreciation at every single opportunity can expect to see a highly motivated and dedicated team. Be the Motivator that can Fire-Up your employees every chance you get.


4.     Appreciation and Recognition

If there is an idea that I wish I could drum into the ears of business owners, CEO’s and entrepreneurs, it is to make the phrase “Everybody counts” an active component of their core values and general policies. From the security personnel at the entrance gate to the young lady at the front desk, up to the managers, all employees should feel they are spending their lives doing something important to make a difference to the company. Always take the time to reflect on the achievements of your team in commitments, efforts, and deeds. Do not forget to reward accordingly. When someone impresses, praise them in the public to show that you mean it. Be hearty in your approbation and be lavish in your praise.


5.     The Allure Of Fun

Tension and stress are major enemies of employee performance. Wherever they are resident, it’s only a matter of time before the turnover rate begins to take baleful consequences on the general business growth stats and performances. Fun is motivational, and your organization must find a way to ensure that at work. Someone said, and I agree that “the most successful and the happiest are those who take their work seriously, but they don’t take themselves very seriously.”


6. Install The Spirit of Ownership

How I wish many business owners and entrepreneur know this, that an organization can never reach its maximum potential unless the employees get to a level in their mind where they act from a belief that they are the owners. The lowest level of their output is what is consistently on display, no matter how the owner misinterpreted it otherwise when they are working mainly for the wages and gains. How do you install the spirit of ownership? Allow them to take initiative, use words like “yours” and “ours” more than personal pronouns, be opened to them to the level you are with your investors and acknowledge their importance.


Remember, as the leader, you need to Fire-Up your employees every chance you get




Joe Flynn is a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur who created Lavante, Inc. Lavante was started with the vision using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and advanced Data Extraction techniques to transform the traditionally manual-based Account Payable Recovery industry. Lavante Was acquired by PRGX Inc. in November 2017. Joe is currently working on a new venture using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to transform trade partner communications across the entire supply chain.