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Supply Chain Network

Supply Chain Network: What is it and why it’s important? What makes it be so important for logistics, supply, and business managers? In a nutshell, a supplier network allows us to look at the processes from a big picture. On the other side, it also provides us with a better understanding of materials and information flow. Very often organizations focus primarily on their internal...

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eBilling and eInvoicing – Eliminate Manual Invoices

Both eBilling and eInvoicing refer to a payment demand, which is delivered electronically. However, there are plenty of differences between these two, as well. Additionally, it’s definitely worth being aware of the numerous and various interpretations, which contribute to practical and terminology-related confusion.   B2B and B2C Context of eInvoicing and eBilling From the business point of view, B2B transactions are usually made with a specific credit timeframe. For instance,...

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E Invoice Overview

Electronic invoicing also called e-invoicing is a form of electronic billing.   E-invoicing methods are used by trading partners, such as customers and their suppliers, to present and monitor transactional documents between one another and ensure the terms of their trading agreements are being met. These documents include invoices, purchase orders, debit notes, credit notes, payment terms and instructions, and remittance slips.   E-invoicing includes a number of different technologies...

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SaaS – Software as a Service Overview

SaaS, (Software-as-a-Service), solutions have popped up all over the web to help increase the efficiency and automation of enterprise department functionalities - Simply deploying and configuring your ERP system will not always provide enough controls for all of the systems that you need. In this section of P2P Connect site, we will address some of the major concerns that you should investigate before adding new...

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5 Powerful Benefits of a Supplier Network 1

Integrating with a Supplier Network can be the key to unlocking the highest ROI from your financial automation tools. Nowadays; many organizations are looking for new ways to benefit from their supplier relationship through reduction of costs and prioritizing saving objectives. However, the key to successful improvement of supplier relationships should not be limited to these financial components....

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Vendor Portal Security

As the demand for secure, SaaS-based, Vendor Portals increases so too do the concerns about Vendor Portal SaaS Security. These concerns are not limited to Vendor Portal applications they are more ubiquitous across all on-demand solutions.   One of the major advantages of a SaaS-based Vendor Portal application is that it can be accessed virtually from anyplace at any time, as long as you have Internet connectivity. However,...

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